Dangerous Crocodile

Wild Animal Fights Caught on Video

There's a reason why Animal Planet has become so popular in the past decade; animals are simply amazing. Most wild animals have incredible amounts of strenth (compared to humans) and show little to no fear towards other animals, which can lead them to being a bit curious, and that can lead to some of the most brutal animal fights where only one animal walks (or limps) away victoriously. Take a look at some of the most amazing animal attacks caught on film and see just how strong and ferocious these wild animals can be when fighting to stay atop of the food chain:

1. Zebra vs. Lioness

2. Grizzly vs. Wolfpack

3. Jaguar vs. Crocodile

4. Tiger vs. Python

5. Badger vs. Cobra

6. Cobra vs. Python

7. Hawk vs. Rattlesnake

8. Anaconda vs. Crocodile

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