Dangerous Crocodile

Dangerous South American Animals

Animal: Anaconda
Location: South America
Size: 20-40 feet long, 300-500 lbs
Speed: 1-3 mph, faster in water
Food Source: Fish, birds, deer, tapir, crocodiles, jaguars, and other reptiles/mammals
Defense Tactics: Outrun them and do not let them wrap around you at all costs; even if this means pulling our your pocket knife and stabbing at it - do whatever it takes. Once he has you wrapped up, there is no escape because they are too big and too strong and inhibit any chance you may have of freeing yourself.
Fatalities: 0-3 per year

Blue Poison Dart Frog
Animal: Blue Poison Dart Frog
Location: South America
Size: 2-6 cm long
Speed: As far as he can hop
Food Source: Ants, spiders, and insects
Defense Tactics: Keep your distance and do NOT touch them. Their skin is coated with one of the world's most toxic poisons which can kill you within the hour.
Fatalities: 0-3 per year

Electric Eel
Animal: Electric Eel [Knifefish]
Location: Amazon & Orinco Rivers
Size: 4-6 feet long, 45 lbs
Speed: 5-10 mph
Food Source: Fish, crab, shrimp, birds, and eggs
Defense Tactics: They may not be very big or aggressive but these fish are still capable of producing an electrical current of 500+ volts underwater, enough to easily kill a human, or at least paralyze the victim, leaving it helpless in the water. Since they tend to reside near the bottom of murky, calm waters, those are the places you should avoid.
Fatalities: Few

Animal: Jaguar
Location: South America & Mexico
Size: 150-350 lbs
Speed: 40 mph
Food Source: Deer, tapir, foxes, dogs, snakes, frogs, mice, birds, fish, monkeys, armadillos, and other small animals.
Defense Tactics: Stand tall, make yourself look as big as you can (ie. use a jacket or loose article of clothing), shout loudly, and throw rocks at them if you feel threated by a jaguar. Do not corner, confront them, flee, or play dead because it may stimulate their instinct to chase and attack you, similar to a mountain lion.
Fatalities: 0-3 per year

Animal: Piranha
Location: South America
Size: 6-12 inches long
Speed: 25 mph
Food Source: Insects, worms, crabs, small fish, lizards, and other small mammals.
Defense Tactics: Stay out of water where they are typically found and wear protective gear/clothing, especially shoes, since they can easily mistake your foot for a fish. They are equipped with razor-sharp teeth and have a voracious appetite for meat and flesh so don't underestimate these small fishes.
Fatalities: 0-5 per year

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