Dangerous Crocodile

Dangerous European Animals

Polar Bear
Animal: Polar Bear
Location: Near Arctic Ocean/North Pole
Size: 900-1,500 lbs
Speed: 25 mph
Food Source: Seals, sea-lions, walrus, muskox, reindeer, & sometimes other polar bears
Defense Tactics: Pray that he's not hungry or throw him some kind of food, otherwise he will sufficeth eating you for lunch.
Fatalities: Few, as there are hardly any people that live in the Arctic

Eurasian Wolf
Animal: Eurasian Wolf
Location: Europe, Russia, China, and Mongolia
Size: 70-130 lbs
Speed: 35 mph
Food Source: Boar, deer, sheep, goats, and chamois
Defense Tactics: While generally these wolves don't hunt humans, if they get hungry enough and there are enough of them (in their pack), they may not think twice about the meal at hand. If this is the case, take shelter in the nearest tree or try escaping in the water.
Fatalities: 0-5 per year

Animal: Moose [elk]
Location: Northern Europe, America, & Asia
Size: 900-1,600 pounds, 5-7 feet tall
Speed: 35 mph
Food Source: Grass, twigs, roots, bark, and plants
Defense Tactics: Stay away from their young and don't feed them. If a moose does charge you, it's actually a good idea to run from it, as they are more prone to stop chasing you, unlike a lot of the other dangerous animals.
Fatalities: Few, although 100+ indirectly (car & train crashes)

Wild Boar
Animal: Wild Boar
Location: Central Europe & Southern Asia
Size: 100-300 lbs
Speed: 30 mph
Food Source: Grass, fruit, nuts,eggs, & small animals
Defense Tactics: While wild boars generally do not kill people, they are known to cause sever damage to limbs as well as cause severe trauma. They are strong and fast enough, along with their tusks, to do some permanent damage, so don't harass them and keep a good distance and stay near a tree or a tall rock to climb on, should the need arise.
Fatalities: 0-1

Asp Viper
Animal: Asp Viper
Location: Italy & France
Size: 2-3 feet long
Speed: 5 mph
Food Source: Birds, toads, lizards, & other small animals
Defense Tactics: Don't go near them and do not try to handle them, for they are easily agitated. Keep a good distance and no harm should come to you. If bitten by one, there is still a chance that it could be fatal, so head strait to the hospital.
Fatalities: 0-5

Animal: Wolverine
Location: Northern Europe, America, & Asia
Size: 30-60 lbs, 3-5 feet long
Speed: 30 mph
Food Source: Rabbits, rodents, carrior, plants, & berries
Defense Tactics: No real need to fear wolverines, unless you appear injured to them. Wolverines are known for attacking prey 2-3 times bigger than themselves, as long as they think they stand a chance.
Fatalities: 0-3

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