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Famous Animal Legends (Cryptids) and their Origins

Cryptids, animals or creatures whose existence is suggested even though scientific evidence is lacking, are believed to be real by many people. While there may exist circumstantial evidence (such as blurry photographs and crazed stories), none of the cryptid creatures listed below are fully supported by science. Check out the list below and see if you think any of these strange cryptids really do exist.

Bigfoot [Sasquatch]
Origin: Legend has it that Bigfoot was first sighted in 1958 by some travelers hiking near Mt. St. Helens, Washington, although there is speculation that such a creature existed even earlier (just with a different name). No one knows for sure if this "beast" really does exist but since the early 1900s there have been over hundreds of Bigfoot sightings, which means there must be something unordinary out there, right?
Sightings: Mainly Washington, California, Texas, and Oregon, although almost all U.S. states have reported sightings of the creature.
Theories: Some of the rumors explaining the mystery of Bigfoot are the following: a giant ape running around, an indigenous person with abnormal hair growth, a man in a monkey suit, a misidentified bear with a sever case of mange, and a mass media hoax.

Lock Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster [Nessie]
Origin: Apparently 565 A.D. was the first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster by a man named Saint Columba while he was swimming in the lake. A more modern day sighting of the monster occurred in 1933 by a couple driving along the road. Even more recently there have been several other people who have claimed to see the monster and even took pictures.
Sightings: Scottish Highlands, Scotland
Theories: Some people believe that there really is a dinosaur-like creature still swimming around while others are led to believe that it was really an elephant swimming in the lake underwater with its trunk sticking out. Additional explanations suggest that it could have been a dog swimming underwater with a stick in it's mouth, and some even go so far as to think it was a submarine equipped with a monster head on top.

Chupacabra [Goat Sucker]
Origin: First discovered in Puerto Rico during the year of 1995, the Chupacabra is said to have killed 8 sheep via 3 puncture wounds to the animal's chests, completely draining all of the blood. Shortly after, more chupacabra encounters begain springing up in Mexico, USA, and other south American countries, with people claiming that many of their livestock (farm animals) had been killed. The little monster is said to look like a small, hairless dog crossed with a rat, with kangaroo-like mobility.
Sightings: Puerto Rico, Mexico, United States, Central America, & South America.
Theories: There have been some claims in texas that a rancher had actually spotted and killed the chupacabra, which was attacking livestock, but DNA tests laster proved the creature to be a coyote with a disease known as demodectic mange. Other theories suggest that the chupacabra is a deformed dog or wolf that is missing most of its fur.

Abominable Snowman
Abominable Snowman [Yeti]
Origin: The abominable snowman was first sighted by Charles Howard-Bury in 1921 while he was climbing Mt. Everest. In 1925 a photographer claims to have seen the Yeti from a distance of approximately 300 yards, and described the creature as something that walked upright like a human that was covered in fur and looked dark compared to the surrounding snow. Several other claims of giant monster-like footprints have been recorded in that same region.
Sightings: Himalayan Mountains of Nepal & Tibet
Theories: Possible explanations for some of the abominable snowman claims are a large-sized langur monkey, a Himalayan brown/blue bear, a giant ape (which is now extinct), and even a human hermit.

Origin: The history of Werewolves began as early as the 10th century when European men terrorized people in the form of wolves on "command of the Devil". After that, werewolf popularity has continued to grow and be a part of traditional European folklore, along with their counterpart vampires.
Sightings: Europe and the United states
Theories: Some have speculated that Werewolves may have been used to explain serial killings since some modern serial killers engaged in sadistic practices, such as cannibalism, mutilation, & cyclic attacks. Other's believe that werewolves are really just some type of over-sized wolf breed that is big enough to prey on wandering humans.

Montauk Monster
Montauk Monster
Origin: First discovered by four friends on the shores of Montauk, New York, the Montauk creature created quite a stir, especially since photographic evidence of the beast was provided. However, before it could be identified by experts, someone decided to bury it instead and such location is unknown.
Sightings: Coast of Montauk, New York
Theories: The general conscensus seems to be that this creature is derived from the raccoon family, although some would argue that the legs appear to be too long in proportion to its body. Other possibilities include a sea turtle that is missing its shell, a coyote that has decomposed from being submerged a long time, and even a personal project made out of latex.

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